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Incubator Convenings in Progress


TeenAge Privacy Program (TAPP)


The TAPP Incubator project, launched in October 2020, has brought together a diverse set of industry stakeholders to help solve the challenges of data privacy for teenagers. Participating businesses are working to design safeguards for the personal data of this unique group of consumers, building a bridge between privacy protections for children and adults that can serve as a global model. These trailblazers are not waiting for the problem to worsen, they are leading change. 





AI in Hiring & Recruiting


In the recruiting and hiring process, where algorithms increasingly provide an aid to human decision making, how can we combine important technological innovation with a proactive approach to employment law regulations and future-proof standards? 




Emerging Areas of Interest


Among myriad other challenges that could be approached through the lens of the Self-Regulation Incubator, the areas listed below appear ripe for possible future convenings. If you would like to be involved in these or other Incubator initiatives, use the Contact Us form below. 



Connected Vehicles


As cars become smarter and more interconnected, do the rules of the road need to change? How do we anticipate the new normal of safety, security and data protection, while ensuring that businesses remain on a level playing field and consumers are heard?


The Self-Regulation Incubator can help.

The Metaverse


The rules of the road for the metaverse, which is being hailed as the next big technological revolution, are still being written. How can we ensure consumers are protected while encouraging innovation as businesses explore this next digital frontier?


The Self-Regulation Incubator can help.





Investing in Business Accountability


As economic and technological innovations accelerate, businesses must continue to work together to enhance consumer trust in a dynamic marketplace.


At the Center for Industry Self-Regulation, we believe that independent research and education is critical to incubating the solutions that will help us solve industry challenges and protect consumers. Your contribution helps make this important work possible.


The Center for Industry Self-Regulation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. 





The Mission

Smart buildings, driverless cars, artificial intelligence, biometrics, unmanned aerial vehicles…. While they may seem unrelated, these technologies share an accelerating innovation curve that may outpace regulation. Even industry standards and best practices have trouble keeping pace, leaving a Wild West atmosphere where every business sets its own course as it navigates numerous emerging challenges. In this new normal of rapid-paced innovation, the best-intentioned businesses must compete with those that are less concerned about doing right by consumers. As consumer trust in industry fades, regulatory scrutiny increases. But there is an alternative ending to this story: the Self-Regulation Incubator.


The Self-Regulation Incubator is a platform through which businesses build best practices. The Incubator is an accelerated and structured convening designed to produce a lasting and actionable work product that can be swiftly adopted by an entire industry. It functions as a ready-made framework for the rapid development of industry-wide standards, whether related to data privacy, advertising, or another pressing challenge.



With decades of proven self-regulatory and consumer protection experience as well as a network composed of more than 1,200 stakeholders ranging from the Fortune 100 to small and medium-sized businesses, BBB National Programs—and its sister 501(c)(3) initiative, The Center for Industry Self-Regulation (CISR)—are uniquely positioned to assist industry in realizing effective, achievable standards that help consumers, while achieving lasting adoption of these standards through independent self-regulatory programs.





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