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About the Center for Industry Self-Regulation (CISR)




The Responsibility Ship

In this time of great uncertainty, business leaders within forward-thinking industries have an opportunity to learn from CISR's expertise to help steer the responsibility ship. In doing so, these leaders will be well-equipped to identify which trends in their industry demand attention, standardize best practices and guidelines that even competitors can agree upon, and commit themselves to monitoring and enforcement by an independent, trusted accountability agent.




50 Years of "Foundation" Building

Getting industry self-regulation right requires independence, transparency, infrastructure, and scalability. CISR is backed by the strong foundation BBB National Programs has built through its program divisions and their work with major corporations and law firms over the last 50 years, empowering business to demonstrate authentic corporate and social responsibility in a rapidly changing digital landscape. CISR is a DBA of BBB National Programs Charitable Foundation.




Creating New Self-Regulatory Programs & Initiatives

CISR is well positioned to educate industry leaders and the public on self-regulation and dispute resolution best practices. Working together with responsible businesses, CISR provides the perfect intellectual underpinning to support the development of new programs that will forge pathways to enhanced trust and respect among consumers, partners, and regulators. In some cases, CISR may serve as an incubator for the development of these new initiatives and programs.